Vacuum Sealing Tips for Your Thanksgiving Holiday


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Article written by: Melissa Rudy of Words by Melissa

Thanksgiving is a time for family, celebration…and food. Lots and lots of food. Even though Thanksgiving is just one day, you might spend weeks ahead of time preparing for that big meal—and weeks after with a fridge full of leftovers that often spoil before you can eat them.

This year, you can use vacuum sealing to simplify your life for the Thanksgiving holiday. Vacuum packing can make your turkey day preparations faster and easier, and preserve all those delicious leftovers longer so you can enjoy every bite.

Here are some great tips for using vacuum sealing this Thanksgiving that will help you get prepared in record time—so you’ll be able to spend more of the holiday with your family, and less of it in the kitchen.

Beat the shopping crowds

Vacuum sealing lets you save time, money, and hassle on your holiday food shopping. Because vacuum packed foods can be stored much longer than food stored with conventional methods, you can shop before the holiday rush and buy food in bulk, or when it’s on sale. Then, simply vacuum seal and store your purchases until it’s time to cook!

You can also take advantage of post-holiday sales and stock up on seasonal favorites, like cranberries and sweet potatoes. The best way to store these perishables is by vacuum sealing and freezing them—they’ll take up less space in your freezer, and won’t develop freezer burn during long-term storage.

Preparing in advance

Vacuum packed foods not only stay fresh longer, they also retain their taste and nutritional value. There are many types of foods you can prepare ahead of time and store with vacuum sealing to save you time on the holidays. You can pre-chop fresh herbs, store marinated vegetables, and even preserve meat with vacuum packing.

And how about desserts? Instead of baking six pies and three dozen cookies the night before Thanksgiving, you can bake items like pies, cakes, cookies, tarts, sweet breads, and more gradually ahead of time, and keep them vacuum sealed until the holiday.

Stock up for unexpected guests

Everyone wants to reconnect over the holidays, and sometimes this may mean you end up with more guests than you expected. Instead of worrying about whether there’s enough food to go around, you can prepare extra food ahead of time and store it in vacuum packed bags or vacuum sealed Mason jars—so it’s ready for surprise visitors on Thanksgiving.

Make up a few extra pies, spare side dishes, or even a soup or stew, and store your extras in the freezer. If unexpected guests arrive, all you’ll have to do is defrost, reheat, and serve!

Making leftovers last

Thanksgiving leftovers are a longtime tradition with many families, but it’s easy to get tired of turkey and stuffing night after night—and when everyone loses interest, the leftovers go bad. Vacuum sealing your Thanksgiving leftovers lets you store them for much longer without spoiling, so you can serve variety without wasting food.

Once you’ve stored your leftovers with vacuum packing, you can reuse them in creative ways. Make a hearty vegetable soup with turkey instead of beef, or use leftover mashed potatoes to make “potato pancakes” for breakfast. If you have family members in college, you can send vacuum sealed leftovers with them when they return after the holidays for quick and easy meals on campus.

Vacuum sealing can make your Thanksgiving holiday easy—and delicious!


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