Vacuum Sealing Secrets & Health Food Unveiled!


Vacuum Sealing Secrets & Health Food Unveiled!


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The phenomenon of health food that has taken America by storm over the last couple of decades has slowly developed into the magnitude of a cyclone, everybody and everything seems to be battling for a slice of the by 2017 expected trillion dollar health and wellness market, (worldwide that is).


Quite amazing isn’t it, first we allow ourselves to eat unhealthy foods and get hooked on all sorts of junk food and now we have to fork out billions to get healthy again.

The big worry about this trend is that all the big players… the ones who got us addicted… were initially back-benchers, anxiously watching developments, but now they jump one by one on the bandwagon, throwing- in huge marketing money in an effort to make us believe that their products are healthier than ever before.

Does this bring us back to square one?

It most likely will when you ask me, one big burger company is even going for kale, how on earth did they make that choice?


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Kale is a product that has to be processed, simply because kale is a goitrogenic vegetable which inhibits the incorporation of iodine in thyroid hormones, an un-reversible process, (Source: Chris Kesser via The Thyroid Sessions), kale is also high in oxalic acid which binds with minerals causing them to crystalize, this means that kale cannot be eaten raw, unless you like to get kidney stones.


The general public (that’s us) are most probably not aware of this, but that burger company definitely is and has to find a way to cook the product in a remote (not in their stores) location, preserve it to prolong shelf life, which makes it unhealthy again.


I just highlight this one example to underline where I started.


The vacuum sealing secrets behind health food unveiled!


The only way to eat health food is to leave them as close as possible to their natural state without the inclusion of additives meant to prolong shelf life, maintain color, ensuring coagulation and so on.


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Then what is health food, well basically all raw food is health food. Additives make food unhealthy, tomato sauce is healthy on it own.  But add sugar to jarred tomato sauce, it is no longer healthy.


Health foods in their natural state can very well be preserved and stay healthy as long as you decide and control what is added. I have listed a few examples of foods that are healthy in their natural state and how to keep it that way.



Want to eat healthy kale? Forget about upcoming fast food options; buy kale (preferably) at a local farmers market where you can find organic kale or at your trusted source. Clean the iron-rich super food, don’t throw the stems, they taste great too, grab your vacuum sealer and portion pack, vacuum seal and freeze for up to six weeks. Blanched kale will, when vacuum packed, last frozen for up to a year.



These savory fruits contain high levels of potassium, Vitamin C and fibers, they are great when consumed raw in salads and sliced on sandwiches. Process in soups and sauces buy at the peak of harvest when they are cheapest.  Vacuum seal, freeze and you always have some on hand.



One of the most cited super foods rich in antioxidants that protect against cancer, and reduces age-related  Alzheimer and dementia development. Before you forget to start eating these berries, start making pie filling, dessert topping and even cakes with blueberries and store as many as you can vacuum packed and frozen.


Beans and Lentils

The protein fiber and ant-oxidants, found in beans and lentils make them a lovely addition to every ones diet. You may not eat them every day and the long soaking and cooking time make them not suitable as a last minute item. This is a good reason, to have some ready, vacuum packaged and frozen to add to your chili con carne any time.


Salmon and other fatty fish


All these fatty fishes (Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna)  are rich in Omega3 fatty acids and Vitamin B, portion packed they are a must have super food. Vacuum sealed and frozen they can be kept for a long time. about 2 years with a quality vacuum packer.

Obviously the foods above are just a small selection of available health foods if prepared without the use of excessive sugars or preservatives found in pre-packaged items. The principal idea is to keep them healthy.


With that in mind, vacuum sealing as the secret to eating healthy food now unveiled!


Your preferred vacuum sealer is unveiled here:  for USA and for Canada.


By: Marinus Hoogendoorn


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