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Nothing beats home cooked food

By: Marinus Hoogendoorn


Vacuum Pack Home Cooking

Home Cooking Kit

We all seem to love convenience; a little effort goes a long way to make us say ‘No thank you’.

‘Cook your own meal kits’ have significantly gained ground the last couple of years (it always takes a little time for great ideas to reach the masses).

Americans are absolutely hooked on today’s availability of convenience .Shopping, buying ingredients, cutting and measuring is not considered to be convenient, pressing a button on your I phone is and with the smart invention of ‘cook your own meal kits’, home cooking has entered the digital age.

Traditional home cooking


Vacuum Pack home cooking

Traditional Home Cooking

A few days ago I saw a show where people living in blistering 120 F temperatures, work 12 hours a day and still manage to prepare their daily food. I mean from scratch, the real scratch.

A few people slaughtered a goat. One guy cleaned and butchered the animal, with amazing butcher skills, in about ten minutes, some parts were wrapped in large pieces of flat bread, followed by some canvas bags and placed in a whole in the ground.

They topped all with soil, then hot charcoal, and more soil. After a couple of hours they started to dig and the most amazing meal surfaced.

Now don’t start ruining your golf course shaved lawn and try to copy this, but that is cooking from scratch to me.

Vacuum Pack your own home cook kit

This brings me back to our modern way of cooking from scratch, we order a ‘cook your own meal kit’. These boxes come, when delivered, with menus instructions and weekly meal plans. All is pre-cut, sliced, portioned, and ready to go. Convenience at your doorstep!


Vacuum Pack, home chef convenience

The re-born cook

All you need to be, is a re-born cook inspired by some cook shows, to get excited.  All you need to do is turn on the heat and follow the recipe. Do not start adjusting a bit here and there or face the consequences if things don’t work out, so don’t be stubborn. The chef who wrote the recipe is always right.


Vacuum Pack, home chef mistakes


Convenience in a box! Now let’s see what convenience outside a box is. You’re self-made menu, your own preference what to have for today’s dinner, breakfast or lunch.


Vacuum Pack and re-invent home cooking

Home cooking has declined by 40% since 1965 and you wonder why.

What once was a basic skill is now convenience in a box.

Chefs tend to write with grammatical over elaboration, these lovely descriptions of dishes are extremely tempting and make your mouth water to say the least.


Hay smoked wild Atlantic salmon with purple sprouting broccoli and a mousseline of young potatoes sounds great on a romantic night out, but who cares after an exhausting day at work and a stressful drive home through overloaded roads.



Two really irritating flaws with these ‘Cook your own meal kits’ are, that -one-  you have no choice than to use what is found in the box. Some ingredients may not be up to standard or even missing. Packing is still done by hand. Your slight overripe avocado meant for your guacamole may have been squashed under two pounds of potatoes and –two- is to un-wrap the entire load of individual wrapped ingredients, a daunting task on itself.


If you ask me what I hate most about cooking it must be packing material. I love to go to a farmers market with a tote bag and all vegetables go, like good friends, together without further packing material than absolutely necessary, in one bag.

Meat and fish go separately in bag no 2 and back home I sort it all out.


To make a little effort go a long way and say ‘Thank You’ instead of ‘NO Thank you’. Is to make you own ‘Cook your own meal kit’


How to do it

Vacuum Pack, homecooked meal


Stroll the farmers market or your neighborhood shops and buy what fits your budget, an average cook your own meal kit goes for $10.00 per person, which is still cheaper than eating out or take- out meals, but if you look for an economically good deal, go for your own ‘cook your own meal kit’.  Agreed, you to shop and wait here and there carry your stuff around, but $10.00 per family member per day for convenience is no small matter.


Selecting your own ingredients, preparing, vacuum packing and putting your own ‘kit’ together is a lot more fun than reading a colorful printed recipe and do as you are told.

If you have a family of four a substantial amount of money is also on the savings cart when you decide to buy smart, cook smart and eat healthy.

Prepare your own purchase, vacuum pack and design your own ‘cook your own meal kit’.

Potential savings on food justify investing in a quality vacuum sealer some which you can find here:  for USA and for Canada.






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