The Hidden Secrets behind Healthy Food


Are we positively dealing with this issue? 


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Everybody, one way or the other interested how to eat and live healthier, has heard of the advantages to consume certain foods in order to lose weight, get a smoother skin or better detox. Foods that have aiding properties to prevent cancers, heart diseases, diabetes and so on are also popular in the search engines.


Problem is the excessive volume of information, you easily get utter confused by the topic, next is that you probably never find out if the effect of eating healthy food prevented one of the above mentioned diseases.


Honestly speaking, I find the information often too technical, let me give you an example;  I just read a post were a few nutritionists mention a food they eat every day for a reason (sounds good right), one of them said:  “I eat at least one ???? per day, it has many, ‘Good for you nutrients’ like vitamins D, and B12, riboflavin, choline and selenium, plus phytochemical antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, good for healthy eyes.

I went like – huh – and asked myself if pointing out all these beneficial properties of an ingredient in that kind of technical language will convince anyone to add the product to their diet.


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If you know what the question mark products is, I salute you, if you don’t, not to worry, you probably eat one or two everyday anyway. Fact is that it is pretty confusing.


Problem two is, if you eat, let’s say more fibrous food every day, pineapple, cabbage, oats, whole meal bread, and other whole wheat products, (pasta, quinoa, crackers, bulgur, brown rice) those kind of things, and your detox improves, do you relate that to the fact that you ate those foods, or do you just take it as “I feel ok today”.


So what are we supposed to eat to increase our overall well being?

It seems that it is nowadays easier to identify a bad food than a healthy food. It is a ‘Fresh is healthy versus packaged and processed’ thing.

But does that mean that all processed foods are bad and that all fresh foods are healthy?


More and more people are turning their back on packaged food, farmers markets are becoming increasingly more popular, sales of organic foods increased by almost 10 billion dollars in 2014 compared to 2013.


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Food processing companies are feeling the pinch and see their sales decline. One by one they start to announce changes in their products, changes that are all pointing towards healthy food. Most of these changes are shifts from refined ingredients to whole grain and removals of artificial colorings and flavors.

The more people understand the negatives of processed food the more positives will appear.

Those who have discovered that their life is at risk because of extreme cholesterol levels, clogged arteries and kidney problems will initially lead the way, but others will follow. These are the positive signs in this change of culture.

Hopefully organic farmers are able to cope with increasing demand.

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Eat fresh, eat healthy!


If you get tempted to buy more than you can consume from the market, portion pack and vacuum.  for USA and for Canada.


By:      Marinus Hoogendoorn