The Future, Food Apps or Home Cooks


The Future of Food

Apps or Home Cooking 


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In the USA, where presently a large percentage of the adults are obese, someone came up with the idea that if you keep yourself occupied you have no time to eat and you will lose weight.

That’s nothing new you can only do one thing at a time. These folks figured that in today’s high-tech world, a gaming app about food would be a good idea.

Millions of people are keeping themselves already busy playing games every day and there are no reports that all these gamers are trim slim, but people interviewed on the street seemed to get excited over the idea.

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I believe that cooking at home is a nice game without the app. It’s the real thing and probably more fun than tapping buttons on some device.

What is fun, once people start to cook at home and start to discover that they feel better. They may lose weight and get thumbs up from the doctor. Their blood pressure and cholesterol levels can start heading towards a safer number.

With a quality vacuum sealer in the mix of cooking utensils, one may discover Sous Vide cooking. The discovery that a vacuum sealer is the perfect kitchen device to prolonged shelf life of many fresh ingredients.

Cooking at home becomes fun from the start with the shopping experience finishing the fun with the final dish. Visit your local farmers market. Ask questions about the food, how it is grown and how fresh it is. An interactive ap on a phone a real person who takes pride in what they have grown. I will take the real person.

Not sure how many calories it takes to actually prepare a meal, but I am pretty sure it will come close to what is required on your Fit Bit!

That sounds pretty interactive to me!


Interactive fun


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By:  Marinus Hoogendoorn