The Doom Boom… The Modern Day Apocalypse






The Doom Boom… The Modern Day Apocalypse

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America is the land of optimism and endless confidence many say; recent reports about the Doom Boom suggest otherwise, increasing numbers of normal everyday people are preparing themselves for the worst… A Modern Day Apocalypse.


And they are not some bunch of conspiracy theorists, no, they are doctors, lawyers, professionals and even people engaged in the military.

The culture of fear has taken control of their lives, they fear for the worst; Doomsday could be triggered by a terrorist attack, a natural disaster or an economic collapse, nobody knows but better safe than sorry.


The ‘Preppers’ as they call themselves make all necessary preparations they can possibly think of; basements are packed with dry foods, essential daily needs and guns, in case looters attack their premises during the aftermath of a catastrophic event.


“It is not the event itself” they say, “it’s the aftermath, when there is no police or military to protect us, we need to protect ourselves.


Some of the very rich go even a step further; a former nuclear missile facility in the state of Kansas has been snapped up by some wealthy people and turned into a luxurious refuge.


You can look at this phenomenon anyway you wish, but if you are preparing yourself for the big collapse you definitely need a vacuum sealer, you may not have thought of it, but a vacuum sealer is an absolute necessity to keep your supplies in optima forma.

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You may be preparing yourself and your family, transform the basement into a small private bunker with, as some claim, six months of supplies, spend weekend after weekend on a shooting range, but you don’t camp their everyday as of today, it’s therefore important to have your food supplies well preserved.


A good quality vacuum sealer is the ultimate tool to achieve just that.


Minuscule tiny leakages in the seal may not be visible at first, but after weeks or months of storage air sneaks in and spoils your food. A quality vacuum sealer provides a seal eliminating these small leakages.


There will be only so much room in your backyard bunker and your favorite foods can only take up a limited amount of space. Proper vacuumed foods that can easily be heated, will take up much less space than bottles, jars, and even cans.



Think also about pouch retort to preserve your food, read everything about it in my earlier blogs of 13/04/2014, 29/042014 and 3/08/2014. There are plenty of details and tips to be found there, plus it is a great way to save space and preserve your favorite food at ambient temperatures for years.

Retort water for emergencies is perfect as well, explained in my blog dated 17/08/2014.


In our Non-Doomsday lives we love our favorite foods, how good is it not to forgo that when disaster strikes. No matter what happens you can still enjoy your favorite home cooked Mac and Cheese.


Doomsday preparations already don’t come cheap; likely you need a second mortgage on your house to finance the whole thing. A 40 Ft underground tube to house a family of six goes for $72.000, digging to get it in place excluded.


Food supply companies are charging exorbitant prices for foods you never heard of, you will have to fork out close to $ 2.000 for a month’s supply, delivered as long as the post office has not been destroyed.  Alternatively you can get 80 day food supply insurance for a whopping $ 990.00 minus 1 cent.


Best therefore is to take no chances and prepare your own food.


Retort if you don’t have a solar powered freezer, or vacuum and freeze if you have one.


You can find the vacuum sealer, if you don’t have one yet, that perfectly suits your needs here:  for USA and for Canada.




By: Marinus Hoogendoorn



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