Sous Vide Cooking Could Change The Mainstream Kitchen


The influence SousVide cooking could have on the elderly.



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Throughout life, I never realized how senior citizens life would be. My grandparents and later my parents looked pretty relaxed to me, enjoying the golden years after a life of hard work. I used to invite my parents for dinner when I had some spare time to cook, it was when my parents started to decline my dinner invitations that I realized something amiss.

They couldn’t chew my offerings, but hated to offend, so they better not come, Mum confessed one day when we had a soft talk.


Obviously I felt bad about it and I went to search for a solution and discovered sous vide cooking.

I did hear about it, but never tried. I bought the equipment needed, a vacuum sealer and an immersion cooker, gave it a couple of test runs and the results were absolutely stunning.



Elite Vacuum Sealer for Sous-vide packing

Sammic Portable Sous-vide Circulator Machine

The meat cooked was super tender, without loss of texture and better still, it tasted better than ever before.


We all know that senior citizens lose a bit of the physical abilities they have in their bodies, the teeth deteriorate here and there, the stomach needs a little longer to digest tougher kinds of solid food, things like that.


So eating a little softer food that is easier to chew away and to digest is a good idea. Yet we want that ‘Oomph’ in our food and we need the nutrients, so do the seniors among us.

Surviving on mashed potatoes with pureed peas is all right for a day or so, but we all need protein, vitamins and some carbs. Plus enjoying a full meal with the family is something cherished by all.


After a number of test-runs with meat and seafood, marinating before vacuum packing, pan searing after sous vide cooking, I was confident enough and  called Mum, ‘Gotta show you something’ I said. Loaded my immersion cooker and vacuum sealer in the car and off I went.


While setting up the equipment in my parents place, I found out that they were actually living on soup and porridge-like food. I told her, this is going to be a life changer.


Mum didn’t believe it, ‘How can you cook like that’ she asked; the water is colder than my bathing water. ‘Just wait and see’ I replied.


Sou-vide cooking

Sous-vide cooked chicken


I prepared a dish with marinated chicken, boiled potatoes and spinach. Pan seared the chicken after sous-vide cooking and made sure the potatoes and spinach were well cooked.


Both of them enjoyed the meal to the max. Mum was convinced and dad patted his tummy after dinner like he used to.

I decided to leave the equipment with them and told Mum to call me if she needed any help.


Sous Vide cooking is the perfect solution to the issue of elderly people not eating as they should, I told myself on the way home.


Sous Vide cooking is becoming increasingly popular with home cooks, cooking Gourmet styled healthy dishes at home, applying the concept to people like the elderly among us can have a tremendous effect to their wellbeing.


With comprehensive studies about food safety aspects, temperatures and cooking times, the concept is easy to implement at home and in nursing homes.


Any concern you may have about food safety, these little armies of dangerous salmonella bacteria you may be scared of, all eliminated.

Sous Vide cooking techniques have been practiced for decades. The whole idea started as early as 1799, but only adopted in modern cooking around 1970 in France. Since then, cooking times and temperatures have been recorded and it has been scientifically proven that with the right cooking times and temperatures sous-vide cooking is absolutely safe.


You can find the equipment here and be assured of professional advice and support  for USA and for Canada.


What was once exclusively reserved for professional chefs in high class restaurants is now an open book and implementation in any food producing facility is easy.


A great way therefore to cook tender juicy tasty meat and any other foods that can be enjoyed by senior citizens.

By: Marinus Hoogendoorn


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