Sammic Canister Vac-Norm Container 3 3/4 qt

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Sammic Canister Vac-Norm Container

Vac-norm Sammic Canister Containers

Sammic canisters are used as external vacuum packing containers.  An external hose is applied to the top of the canister while the other end it suctioned to the vacuum sealer intake valve.

All Sammic canisters are NSF approved. They offer a heavy duty stainless steel bottom. Dishwasher safe, no BPA.

These are the last storage canisters you will ever need to buy. They are outstanding quality, heavy duty made to last.

Vacuum seal using Sammic containers for overnight storage. Great for commercial salad bars, Sushi bars, condiments such as olives, lemons, and other perishable foods. Use as quick marinade units, cleaner and less messy than using vacuum sealer bags.  SousVide buckets for portable SousVide circulators.

5140110 Vac-Norm Container Canister GN1/3 Depth 3 7/8" (3 3/4 qt.)

5140118 Vac-Norm Cover GN1/3 (complete with valve and gasket)

Sammic Products are built in Spain

Sammic Canister Vac-Norm Container 3 3/4 qt

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