VacUpack The VacUpack Vacuum Sealers. Voted the #1 Choice for home style vacuum sealers. Superior quality and durability, VacUpack is complete with a 2-year warranty

VacUpack Elite

The quality and unique features of the Vacupack Elite vacuum sealer appeals to those folks who appreciate top of the line quality! The Elite is built with a stainless steel no rust outer case. The heat bar assembly is unique, no other unit on the market today can seal a wet bag as easily as the Vacupack Elite. To operate is a simple one-touch control panel. The channel design is the easy clean simply place the open end of the bag in the channel.  Being the strongest and most powerful unit on the market it fits nicely in your kitchen without being oversized.
An unmatched 2-year warranty sums up all the top requests for a homestyle vacuum sealer.
The VacUpack Elite is Italian built. The heat seals are 12 inches across the face of the machine.
This unit has a moisture trap to keep accidental occasional moisture from meat and fish reaching the pump.

The VacUpack Elite offers a vacuum port to use an external vacuum hose on jar sealers and optional containers. The VacUpack Elite uses standard textured bag material. The VacUpack Elite is for the serious sportsmen, gardener, jerky maker, fishermen or woman, gourmet Chefs for kitchen and light commercial usage.
Voted the #1 Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer for 2011.

The Vacupack Elite seals mason jars and canisters. A hose is included with the unit which is able to adapt to both wide and narrow mouth jar sealer accessories.

A trick to get better results with difficult sealing items such as flour, rice, jerky, use a paper bag to hold the product then vacuum seal. The paper bag allows the air to be removed while the product stays in place with an extra layer to protect the vacuum bag.

The next video shows the benefits of vacuum sealing the meat that comes wrapped from the butcher. It is not necessary to wrap meat before vacuum packing but it is also not necessary to remove any wrap before vacuum sealing. The freezer time for meat is extended 3-5 times over just freezer wrap as the air surrounding the meat is removed.

The Vacupack Elite is a very simple to operate channel style home vacuum sealer. The next video is about operating instructions.

Cleaning the Vacupack Elite is quick and easy.

If you still have questions about the Vacupack Elite or any product we offer please call us. 1-800-227-3769 or 425-264-0195

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Sammic SE-206

SAMMIC: The Right Choice

Built in Spain

6 m³/h Busch vacuum pump.
Vacuum controlled by sensor.

  • Powered by Busch.
  • Vacuum controlled by sensor.
  • Vacuum PLUS.
  • Digital keyboard.
  • Control panel equipped with display indicating the exact vacuum percentage.
  • “Pause” button to marinate food.
  • Safe liquid packing thanks to sensor control.
  • Double seal.
  • Cordless sealing bar.
  • Bag-sealing programme.
  • Pulse-controlled decompression.
  • Vac-Norm ready with Automatic decompression.
  • Stainless steel body and chamber. Deep-drawn chamber.
  • Damped transparent lid of highly durable polycarbonate.
  • Dry-oil programme for drying the pump.
  • Working hours counter for oil changes.
  • Safety system with protection against vacuum failure.
  • NSF-listed model.

Specifications Sheet

Pump capacity: 210 cf/h
Bar length: 11 “
Total loading: 0.5 Hp
Vacuum pressure (maximum): 2 mbar

Internal dimensions

  • Width: 11.3 “
  • Depth: 13 “
  • Height: 4.3 “

External dimensions (WxDxH)

  • Width: 13.2 “
  • Depth: 16.9 “
  • Height: 12 “

Net weight: 57 lbs.

Noise level (1m.): — dB(A)
Background noise: 32 dB(A)

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Sammic SE 206 Chamber Vacuum Packer Commercial

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100 Gallon Sous Vide Bags 10″x14″

100 Vacuum Pouches Sous Vide Textured Bags. For use in home style vacuum sealers.
Gallon Size 10″x14″ 100 Quantity
This is a low cost textured material for suction design home seal systems.
This bag product built in Italy is a SousVide food preparation (boil in a bag) product, is likewise superior for any kind of various other vacuum packing tasks. We have actually located the higher nylon and reduced poly material in this bag material makes it less vulnerable to penetrate and loosened vacuum in the cupboard, freezer, and fridge.
We have flat, SousVide boil-able bags for chamber devices under “Business Bags and Pouches”.
Just what does SousVide mean? SousVide simply suggests “boil in bag” a process of slow-moving food preparation vacuum loaded meals for tenderness and mixture of flavor in a nearly boiling water for extensive times.  These Sous-Vide top quality bags are exceptional for regular vacuum packaging of all products including freezer items and long-term storage.

These bags are built in Italy where SousVide food preparation is extremely popular.
This bag will certainly function very well with any type of home design vacuum sealer.

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100 Quantity, 10″x14″ Gallon Vacuum Sealer Bags, SousVide Quality

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Sammic Canister Vac-Norm Container 3 3/4 qt

Sammic Canister Vac-Norm Container

Vac-norm Sammic Canister Containers

Sammic canisters are used as external vacuum packing containers.  An external hose is applied to the top of the canister while the other end it suctioned to the vacuum sealer intake valve.

All Sammic canisters are NSF approved. They offer a heavy duty stainless steel bottom. Dishwasher safe, no BPA.

These are the last storage canisters you will ever need to buy. They are outstanding quality, heavy duty made to last.

Vacuum seal using Sammic containers for overnight storage. Great for commercial salad bars, Sushi bars, condiments such as olives, lemons, and other perishable foods. Use as quick marinade units, cleaner and less messy than using vacuum sealer bags.  SousVide buckets for portable SousVide circulators.

5140110 Vac-Norm Container Canister GN1/3 Depth 3 7/8″ (3 3/4 qt.)

5140118 Vac-Norm Cover GN1/3 (complete with valve and gasket)

Sammic Products are built in Spain

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Sammic Canister Vac-Norm Container 3 3/4 qt

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