15″ x 50′ Weston Textured 3.5 mil Bulk Roll

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Weston Brand Vacuum Seal Rolls. 1 roll – 15″ x 50′ ft

These FDA Approved 3.5 mil textured roll bag is for suction style vacuum sealers and will work with these home style Vacuum Packers. VacUpack Elite, Vacupack Deluxe, all the retail machines like FoodSaver, Weston Pro2300 and Pro2100, VacMaster. Other brands such as Rival, Kenmore – Black & Decker , Deni -VacMagic Vac, to name a few. If the bag hangs outside the unit on the counter these are the type bags needed, also called textured bags.

Many customers agree these rolls work better other brands of bag material. The extra heavy texture is an excellent source for allowing the air to be drawn from the bag. The thickness of the material is also an added protection from sharp bones that other wise might create pinholes in the bag.
Rolls allow you to make your own bags any length. These extra wide bags at 15 inches are for the extra wide vacuum sealers. Make sure you have a 15 inch channel on your vacuum sealer to use these bags.
The Weston rolls are designed to be used for fish, meat, game, protect collectibles , pack clothing to save room. With your VacUpack vacuum sealer using these bags. It is possible to keep food fresh up to five times longer than conventional storage methods!!
Protect from freezer burn!! Food will taste fresher!! Vacuum Seal your items for Storage and protection from oxygen deterioration. Clear Material construction allows you to easily identify your items. Cut and trim rolls to size and custom seal to fit your needs.
Can be boiled briefly in water for thawing & cooking. Not suitable for long term SousVide Cooking.
Microwaveable, freezable, cooler and cupboard.

FDA Approved, for home style vacuum sealers packers.

Weston Brand, Textured Roll 15″ x 50′ 3.5 Mil

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