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Retort 2 oz 1000 count
This is a very small retort canning bag. Used in FDA application for food storage in the commercial industry.
Retort canning is new to the commercial food industry first developed for the Military MRE meals.
Home-owners these bags do not come with FDA approved guidelines. Can at your own risk!
There is much information on the Internet about canning at home with retort bags. Until the FDA has done as much extensive research for the home-owner as they have for commercial applications. Commercial applications consult your HAACP guidelines and local health departments for FDA approved retort canning information.
Use extreme caution, extend the time and temperatures beyond what is suggested for home canning jars and cans.
We offer information from our own experiences but they are not FDA approved methods. We are not liable for any issues relating to canning with retorts in the home.

Retort Canning Pouch, 2 oz 1000 ct for Chamber Vacuum Sealers

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