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The MiniPack America MVS-35X is a table top model, chamber vacuum sealing machine. The unit features one seal bar 12.25″ long. The seal bar is located in the front of the chamber. The MVS-35X is the same basic machine as the MVS31X except with a 10 meter pump. The increased size of the pump makes the MVS35X an extremely fast chamber vacuum sealer.
This vacuum chamber machine is great for those vacuum packaging electronics. Items such as CD, disks, computer parts needing extreme speed. The MVS35X will produce 3 cycles per minute. Approx.180 packages per hour depending on the operator.
The short chamber size with the wider 12″ heat bar and super fast pump makes this unit a top choice for Medical Marijuana producers. Tiny small bags 3×5 at a rate of 4 per cycle put the MVS 35X in the top of the small and inexpensive units that can produce large quantities of vacuum packaged product quickly.
Made in Italy the 304 stainless steel has no additives and is pit and rust resistant. The sealed liquid crystal display allows up to 9 customizable programs. The heat bar is removable aluminum seal bars. This MiniPack vacuum machine has ETL/CE/ETL SANITATION certification.
Seal bar configuration is your choice.
Factory setting is one 4mm wide flat seal plus a hot cut-off wire. The cut off wire enables the bag to have a clean edge used in retail food sales.
Option two: Has two 4mm wide flat parallel seals (no cut-off)
Option three: Has one 6mm wide seal plus a hot cut-off wire.
Option four: Retort ready with two seal wires no cut off. The retort ready heat bar is the most popular arrangement as it will seal any bag for any project one may need the vacuum chamber for. Example the retort ready heat bar will seal, retort bags 7 mil, mylar in 2-3-4-7 plus mil, any gusset bag, flat pouch in 2-3-4-5 mil thickness. The most durable seal arrangement.
The seal bar is powered independently using a dedicated transformer. Top and bottom sealing is a special order option on most MVS chamber machines.
Position of Seal Bar: Front
Chamber Size: 13.00″ x 11.75″
Height (Chamber+Dome Lid=Total: 4.50″ + 3.00″ = 7.50″
Max Product Length: 12″
Lid Height: 23.00″ / 13.00″
Length x Width: 15.50″ x 25.00″
Lid Type: Transparent with Dome
Vacuum Pump: Busch 10m3/H @ 115 Volt/60/1 phase

Pump Type Busch R5 Oil Rotary
Cycles per Minute* up to 3
Free Air Displacement @ 50Hz 10 m

MiniPack America MVS-35X

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