Oil Change with a Chamber Vacuum Sealer Packer



Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Oil Change

Oil Change

Quick oil changes will prolong the life of your chamber vacuum sealer.

So, the choice to purchase a chamber vacuum sealer can be a large investment. To protect your investment and get the best possible usage, production, and longevity. Your chamber vacuum packers oil must be changed on a regular basis. This is a quick and easy job taking less than 10 minutes and a simple Allen Wrench.

Using motor oil or the incorrect oil in your vacuum sealing pump.

Motor oil in the pump will result in issues that most of all cause permanent damage and destroy the pump. The oil in the vacuum chamber pump is very specific and is used as a bath for the motor. Vacuum pumps do not use oil like a car. There is no need to check to fill the oil. If the oil is leaking from the pump this is probably a sign of other issues. In addition when the oil changes color this is a visual reference when to change the oil.

New units have electronics that older units lack.

Newer units have electronic counters on them. They automatically tell the user when it is time to change the oil. But many of the older units still in use require the operators to check the oil and be mindful of how many cycles the pump has run. Below is a video on exactly how to change the oil. A very simple and quick thing to do but vitally important for your vacuum sealer.

Where to get supplies?

At VacUpack we carry the correct oil for all vacuum sealers in stock at all times. You can purchase just one oil change if you use your vacuum packer for limited use. Or we have gallons available for those who seal bags commercially on a daily basis.




The unit shown is a Sammic 204T found here. Sammic 204T

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