Sous Vide Cooking Changing Trends in Food Fashion?




Is Sous-Vide Cooking a survivor in the forever changing trends in food Fashion?

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We all know the magic of fashion, it defines what we wear, eat, what car we drive and how we style our hair. How fashion comes about and who or what defines it has always been a million dollar question to me. I have seen once that there is a committee of people who come together and determine the colors of spring clothing and it’s my guess, they meet again for the summer, autumn and winter trends but if that is the way it works, I do not know…


We also know food trends or food fashion if you like; innovative entrepreneurs act on movements in society that may get people passionate over fashion trends, these entrepreneurs move with the tide and change their businesses with the swing of a pendulum because people have the tendency to get wild over new trends and in today’s fast pacing world we tend to jump on everything that comes to us which results in the wide variety of food establishments we see around us.

According to a prominent food service consultancy, the UK saw 3000 new restaurants in 2012, all with a specific cooking theme or style. The sky is the limit when you are in for choice.


container restaurant

There are hip-hop food places in abandoned office buildings, in windy, not to say freezing cold car parks, container restaurants are mushrooming, it is absolutely acceptable to tweet your cup-cakes or pizza at a traffic light and pick it up without even having to queue at the drive through, no, your car number plate is enough to have someone run after your car with your packed order the moment you enter the car park.


New cooking programs are launched on our TV screens by the week and we love the idea of what it is all about. Stacks of different dishes pass your screen and when a winner is announced we see that person back after a while with his or hers own cooking show, mostly based on the brand new host’s heritage.

But to say that some of the winners, turned show hosts, make something that will last for a long time in the cooking scene, -well no. They show the simplest of dishes, the ones you never thought of off course, that fits the concept of the show in an utmost effort to set a new trend.

nouvelle cuisine Holly


Sad thing about this whole development is that we sort of lose track with what was really good and what was not.

Sous vide cooking or cooking under vacuum was a huge fashion gig when it started, then lost most of the media attention, but never lost recognition from the connoisseur. Sous-vide cooking established itself as a preferred cooking technique for many professionals and home cooks alike. Vacuuming food and cook it at low temperatures in a vacuum bag is now a classic.


On a regular basis, in ever so modest silence, some news about sous-vide emerges, May it be a new temperature control device or a big company that has decided to open a pre-cooked meal plant, using the sous –vide cooking technique. The power of the classic if you like.


Sous – Vide is here to stay whether the headlines bleat about a newly opened, imported from Europe, brasserie or not.


Good food never disappoints, never grows old and never finds itself on the ‘out of fashion’ list.

Vacuuming and Sous-vide cooking deserve to be in that category, no doubt!




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By:Marinus Hoogendoorn