Vacuum Sealing Food Reduces Food Waste


How Vacuum Sealing Food Helps to Reduce Food Waste


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Every once and a while it pops up again, the re-occurring issue of what food to buy or what food not to buy, or what food to dispose of or not to dispose of.


I have expressed many times my preference for fresh food and have written about how to treat fresh food, I have explained how to use your vacuum sealer to do so and how this little gadget can assist in living a healthier life by avoiding processed foods.  for USA and for Canada.



How governments think

But, this obesity issue keeps cracking in the media, the UK government has discovered – a couple of years ago- that a large percentage of its population is going to be overweight in the short term, fact is that the British are following the American trend and three out of four people will be overweight in the near future.

One of the main defensive arguments of people that fall in the ‘weight challenge’ category is that fresh food is too expensive, which makes them buy cheaper (unhealthy) food.

Processed food appeals, as it has been studied, to the lower income groups, lower income groups are, like in most countries, the masses of a population and therefore is the quick rise in obesity no surprise.

The UK is now imposing a sugar tax, which means that you have to pay a little more for that ‘too large bottle of soda-pop with too much sugar in it’. The tax collected by this measure will be used to pay for the medical treatment the overweight will need sooner or later.

At the same time are laws in place that makes it compulsory for a wholesaler or retailer to dispose of the whole box of a product if one molded piece of fruit or vegetable is found in a box. A ruling meant to protect food safety.

The biggest retailer in the UK reported a staggering 55.400 tons of food wasted in 2014/15!!! Believe it or not.


Solution or Option?

This must be one of funniest contradicting set of laws I can think of, trying to finance the aftermath of a self-inflicted problem with a new tax, sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

Thousands of tons of good fresh produce are thrown in landfills, before they even have a change to reach consumers because of this idiotic thinking.

Why not allow the wholesaler or retailer to decide on the quality of his products, surely these people will protect their business by ensuring that only good produce enters the market.


One chef figured that also out, took the issue by the horns and created ‘The real junk food’ , he simply goes to the wholesaler and collects ‘to be thrown away’ produce for free, cooks something delicious from it and serves it on a ‘pay as you can’ basis to the poor and homeless.



A great initiative, many similar projects have followed suit, but sadly are government agencies not smart enough to see this potential.

Thousands of tons of perfect fresh produce entering the consumer market instead of the landfills will certainly make fresh food cheaper and likely affordable for lower income groups.


Sounds like a much better way to combat obesity than a 20 cent sugar tax, which anyone will pay anyway, to finance the healing of serious diseases young people, the future of any nation, are happily developing.



The smarter option

Now, I do believe that most people are more serious about their own well being than their government representatives and when you are one of them, make change happen.

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Get yourself a good quality vacuum sealer, look out for places that sell fresh food, that is so-called unfit to enter the open market (you’ll be surprised how many there are), portion your food, vacuum for a longer shelf life and start a healthier lifestyle.

Your vacuum sealer will pay itself in no time and will appear to be best asset you purchased in a long time.  for USA and for Canada.



By:      Marinus Hoogendoorn