How does an Aging World Affect our Lives?






How does an aging world affect our lives?


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The world is aging; in ten years’ time there will be more people above the age of sixty living on our planet than there will be children below the age of ten.


Where did that come from? Well better healthcare is one obvious reason, but the fact that we have better living conditions is another deciding factor. We don’t do too much physical work in the open anymore that exposed our bodies in the past to some form of destruction.


Look around, we don’t see people in a bended over position, which malformed them so much that walking straight has become something that was once.


People that have been carrying bundles of collected firewood for most of their lives in remote rural parts of some far away countries have become tourist attractions for pampered citizens of the developed world.


A pampered lot we are


We, developed world citizens are so taken care of, we don’t always believe that is so, but at the end of the day, all that pampering increases our life span with an average of 30 years by the moment we are alive.

Thirty or forty years ago, we were looking at retiring at 65, in some countries even at 60, most retirees would however pass away within ten years after retirement, the average age of men was 72 and for woman the average age was set at 76.

Today you can add 25 year to your live, which means that when you are eligible to retire at 65, you still have 25 to 30 years of live ahead of you.


Sounds good? Surely, but the fact also raises a number of issues or problems if you like, be it financially, economically or practical.

Today, 30% of the Japanese population is above 60 years old, the Japanese are experiencing a situation today most of the world will experience in the next two decades.

Prediction is that those who are in their thirty’s now, will compared to those who were in their thirty’s let’s say 40 years ago, have to work another 15 years or so to fulfill their life financially.


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Live longer work harder


This means that when you are 35 years old today and plans a retiring age of 65; you have another 25 to 30 years to live, compared to 10 years, 40 to 50 years ago. The majority of people will not be able to save enough money to live that time.


The young will have to cover for the old, but the fact that there are fewer young than old people, simply because we do not make enough babies, adds to the problem and the old will have to work longer.


The increasing world population, more due to longer lives than added new borne, increases the problem. At the end of the last century there were about 1 billion people on the planet, now there are 7 billion and all of them have to eat.


Will food supply change?


Young people have a different lifestyle and dietary needs than the elderly, how are the world’s food producers coping with this.


Do we continue and produce more food or do we need to adjust?

Likely demand justifies supplies, a shift of available products will happen, slowly and unnoticeable to most of us, but interesting to observe.


Are the ever growing elderly more into health food than the youngsters, are the seniors able to cope with a daily cooking exercise, or will they be too busy going to work at a slower pace spending more time recovering from daily dues and chores around the house.


Entrepreneurial Innovations with Vacuumed food




Should they be encouraged to cook once a week, vacuum and re-heat or will companies surface and provide the elderly with healthy cooked and vacuumed meals.


The latter could well be a realistic option; entrepreneurs will always explore opportunities when there is money to be made.


Today there are companies, cutting ingredients based on a menu to choose from, that can easily be cooked at home, catering companies provide daily home delivery services, and to see them change and deliver vacuum packed ingredients or vacuumed and cooked healthy meals seems just a matter of time.


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By:      Marinus Hoogendoorn


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