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A Spooky Vacuum Packed Kids Party




Halloween is just around the corner. Time to scare our family, friends and neighbors with the craziest looking outfits we can find and most of all the most unexpected.

It’s also pumpkin time, some of us carve them, and if they are big enough some hollow them out and have ‘row your boat’ races with them in a nearby pond.

Whatever it is that you plan to do, Halloween is supposed to be a fun affair, even though all special celebrations we know, Easter and Christmas, also Halloween has a religious background dating back to ancient times.

Pre-Christian Celtics believed in preventing the souls of those who died in the past year to mingle with the living on their way to the next world. They believed that the souls travelled on the first of November, so the evening before looked like being the right time. Halloween is therefore celebrated on October the 31st.

They did this by offering food when some missionaries entered their territory and tried to convert them to Christianity, things changed a bit, except for that ‘preventing spirits to disturb the living’ idea.

Halloween 1

Today we still do that symbolically by wearing the weariest costumes and masks. We row in pumpkin boats, carve pumpkins and try to scare any other around.

Good fun!


Vacuum packed game, fun time 

A good time also for a hooky spooky kids party, kids love scary funny games and for this one you need a dark room, candles and your vacuum sealer.

The idea is to vacuum pack different foods in separate vacuum bags and vacuum seal them.

Ty some string from one side of the room to the other and hang the vacuum sealed bags on them.

Place some candles under the bags and let the kids one by one guess what is inside the bag by touching the contents. The winner is the one with the most, correct answers and gets a treat.


halloween 2


Use as many items in as many vacuum bags as you like, but here are some ideas:


– Banana slices

– Soaked bread

– Halved grapes

– Angel pasta (half cooked)

– Raw meat

– Dried fruit


For more fun, ask the kids to give what they touch a spooky name.


Have a spooky Halloween


By: Marinus Hoogendoorn



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