Does having the Right Weight Affect You Life?


Does having the right weight make you a better person?




Eating from a blue plate

helps to lose weight!

blue plate Holly



Decide for yourself, but politicians do believe that this is true, quite a few of them happen to be on a diet to make you believe that, ‘A good looking guy’ is a better guy than a fat guy.


Problem is that the media attention they get is far more extensive than that of the average citizen and therefore people start to believe that they have a point, which may very well result in a negative impression in endeavors you undertake when you are overweight.


Slim versus Fat


What has all this to do with a vacuum sealer? Well nothing, and everything. Undeniable, a slim looking designed vacuum sealer looks ‘cooler’ than it’s bulky counterpart from the past, but the principals of vacuuming are the same.

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Here, somewhat lies the heart of the topic, no matter how you look, your principals may still be more honorable than any employer could wish for, but the slim ‘cool’ look could give the other applicant just the edge and leave you wondering what’s wrong with me.


Ted Cruz is apparently banking in on this hypothesis and has gone on a diet to shed some weight; his objective is to make people believe that he is a better person now than he was before.

I know that politicians will do anything to get votes and therefore leave the judgment if, – a slimmer Ted is a better Ted than a fatter Ted – to you, but it says something about having the right weight.


The reason why


The weight level you are supposed to be at is, 1kg per cm of your length above 1 meter of your height. So when you have a length of 180 cm, you are supposed to weigh 80 kg.

right weight holly

This roughly equates to a weight for people who are 6 ft in height to weigh around 150 pounds.

This, as it has been studied, will provide you with the lowest risk of heart diseases, diabetes and more undesirable diseases.


Having the right weight has a stronger effect then you may think. It gives people the impression that you are a more serious person than an overweight person.


Your physical appearance does influence other people, you will be perceived to be a more serious person when you have the right weight, contrary to when you are overweight where people will look at you as not being serious about yourself.


If your physical appearance is not as expected, you are more likely to not get a job verses another candidate with the same education and experience, but with the right physical appearance.


There are many ways to help you achieving a reasonable weight that will make people look at you as being strong, a believe that can mean all the difference between getting hired for a job and being rejected for a job.


What to do


Here are a few:


  1. The way you dress. Looking professional when you apply for a job is important, but a fat bloke in a suit is still a fat bloke in a suit and that goes for ladies as well.
  2. Eat as much home cooked food as you can, control your portioning by vacuuming your food and freezing it. Once thawed you will only eat what you have taken out of the freezer.
  3. Eat from a colored plate. Research has shown that eating from a blue plate reduces your appetite.
  4. Pay cash for your food. Taking out cash money is more painful than using plastic, a study among college students says when they had to pay cash for their food; they were more likely to choose healthier options.
  5. Eat from smaller plates. Eating food from a smaller plate makes you eat less. Vacuuming smaller portions and eating them from a smaller plate works even better.
  6. Drink water while having your food. Water fills you up easily and combined with food you will eat less.


Look smart, look good, and get people to look at you positively!

You will thank yourself for it and don’t forget that your vacuum sealer is there to help you.



By:  Marinus Hoogendoorn