Diets, Running Around the Block and Vacuum Sealing






Diets, Running Around the Block and Vacuum Sealing


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Yearly Highlights


What I love about the month of January are these “best of” announcements, you have best of this and best of that, reminding us what happened in the past year and giving fresh predictions for the year ahead of us.

Best diet is one of them, oblivious timely chosen just after the holiday season and in the midst of fresh New Year resolutions spinning around your head.


Personally I don’t believe that we gain weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas, when you are overweight it has been a long progressing process that happened over time, neither do I believe in diets, I believe in a healthy balanced nutritional regime.

Besides, we see these best diets lists every year and the obesity numbers continue to rise at a stubborn steady pace.


In my view there is only one weight losing diet and that is running around the block.


All this fasting for two days a week (5.2 diet), low carb (Dukan diet), high protein (Paleo), low fat (slimming world diet) or high fat (Mediterranean diet) it all doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


There are certain diets, prescribed by a doctor for people with certain diseases, like diabetes and Celiac disease, amongst others, no arguments about those, but I am talking about these so overly promoted and popularized diets. Losing weight at a rapid pace may be motivating, but in many cases not sustainable unless you supplement certain nutrients and follow a pretty strict dieting regime.


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Losing Weight


If you have the desire to lose weight, a honorable thought on itself, consult your doctor, who will likely refer you to a dietician who in turn will most probably advice to skip processed foods, eat more vegetables and exercise a balanced meal plan that teaches you about portion size, an educational element that will prove useful for long term weight loss.


Most of these programs revolve around calorie intake, less fat, measuring food to achieve the right portion sizes, regular exercises and importantly, reject rapid weight loss plans which may jeopardize your health.

Strangely many seem to believe that a highly promoted diet, with a book, videos, the frequent appearing magic pill and a website will work better than well-studied advice from doctors and dieticians. I would however, give that a second thought.

We all like to see quick results, but losing weight is not the same as changing a TV channel with your remote control, you did not gain these pounds in a blinker, so dropping a few will take some time and effort as well.


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Portion Control


Having said so, I like the portion control feature, if you cook your own food with fresh produce it is a good idea to make batches of particular dishes or parts thereof, so you don’t have cook the same thing from scratch over and over and when running around the block is on the menu you need to reserve some time for that as well.

Portion and vacuum, freeze after vacuuming and your food will stay in optimum condition for months.

Best thing about portion- packed bags is that you will only open one at a time and the brain will tell your stomach, enough for now.


No matter which diet you plan to follow, there will be a discipline requirement and cooking your own dishes with fresh ingredients is definitely the best and most rewarding option you have, you can easily control how much bad fat, sugar and salt goes in your food (the three main weight gain culprits) and your portioning is under self- control.

Once you’re at it and see that you lose weight this way, your body will start to reject heavily sugared and salted products; you are used to fair sized portions which are key elements to achieve long-term weight loss.


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Your vacuum sealer helps with a lot of things, keeps your food longer in better condition, saves money, and even helps with the discipline to lose weight.


Need I say anything more!  for USA and for Canada.


By:      Marinus Hoogendoorn



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