Camping Prep Your Food With Vacuum Sealing


Camping Prepare Your Food With your Vacuum Sealer

Here are some tips for camping meals and relaxing

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It’s mid-June, in case that slipped your mind, and time to get ready for summer holidays. Any plans? I am sure you have been busy planning what to do this summer. When camping is your favorite holiday activity than you must have planned already which direction to go, what activities you want to explore, some for the kids some for yourselves.


Fishing, swimming in creeks, bit of hiking or cycling in nature, relaxing nights around a campfire. A good meal after a tiring day; simply prepared and enjoyed around a table set outside your camper or tent.

One thing about camping is that it makes a great family oriented holiday, everybody is involved in everything.


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If you camp with a tent, the whole family instantly turn into architects and becomes active setting up the puzzle once it comes out of the bag, you read the instructions, but the practical job is always much more difficult than the theoretical.



If you travel with a motorhome you have lost the kids the minute you park and open a door, they will be over- excited after a long drive and run to explore the surroundings.


Travelling is tiring, getting all set at your destination is tiring and definitely makes you hungry.   On the first day out when everything is new, you want to sit down, relax and absorb the beauty of the outdoors instead of having to be busy preparing lunch or dinner.

Planning your holiday meals is therefore highly recommended to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.



Find this ‘relax on your holiday’ machine here:”>  for USA and for Canada.


Vacuum Sealing food to bring along on your trip has quite a few advantages. If you bring fresh food it prolongs the shelf life of products, keeps your food in better condition and your food is protected from the bugs.


If you vacuum seal pre-prepared food to bring along, which is a splendid idea, you can easily re-heat your food by placing the whole bag in a pot with hot water. You save space and your food is protected from bugs as well.

Clean and pre-cut vegetables, portion and vacuum package, it works for meats also, especially if you have a fridge or even a freezer. If you resort to a cooler box, ensure you have a couple of reserve icepacks. You can even make them ahead of time with water, rubbing alcohol seal them in vacuum seal bags and freeze. Line the bottom of your cooler and place some on the top of the food. These home-made vacuum sealer ice packs last for days.


How nice will it be when after the long journey and pitching the tent, you can relax with a drink and enjoy, knowing that you just have to put a pot with water on the stove add a vacuum bag with dinner to the pot and you are done.

While relishing some well-deserved relaxation, you may crave for something to munch. Bring some nuts along, vacuum packed they stay fresh and crisp.

The kids will love some treats in-between their boundless running around, if the treats are sweet they will quickly attract ants, vacuum the treats before you leave and you don’t have to worry.


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Another great idea to bring along is meat pie, use a firm version best made with pork and/or chicken meat with little soft vegetables like tomatoes in them.

They are delicious eaten cold, and are a delight for lunch, pre-slice and vacuum.


Cooking food on an open campfire is a fun thing for everybody; check before you leave if the camping you plan to go allows campfires, if not, they may have barbeque facilities which is of course also lovely for some outdoor cooking.


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A convenient way of bringing food along for open fire or barbeque cooking is to season the items and wrap them in aluminum foil, now vacuum the whole packet, remove the vacuum bag when you are set and you can cook the whole foil packet on the fire.

This way you don’t need to bring extra trays to display the food, if you plan a campfire it is good to bring a sheet of wire mesh along, to prevent the food packets from sinking too deep in the fire, just in case.


When fishing is in your alley and you expect a good catch, wrapping a whole fish in foil is a perfect way to cook the fish as well, so bring a roll of foil.

I hope that this set of tips to make your summer holiday as pleasant and relaxing as possible will be helpful.


By:   Marinus Hoogendoorn