Oil Change with a Chamber Vacuum Sealer Packer


Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer Oil Change

Oil Change

Quick oil changes will prolong the life of your chamber vacuum sealer.

So, the choice to purchase a chamber vacuum sealer can be a large investment. To protect your investment and get the best possible usage, production, and longevity. Your chamber vacuum packers oil must be changed on a regular basis. This is a quick and easy job taking less than 10 minutes and a simple Al-len Wrench.

Using motor oil or the incorrect oil in your vacuum sealing pump.

Motor oil in the pump will result in issues that most of all cause permanent damage and destroy the pump.  The oil in the vacuum chamber pump is very specific and is used as a bath for the motor.  Vacuum pumps do not use oil like a car.  There is no need to check to fill the oil.  If the oil is leaking from the pump this is probably a sign of other issues.  In addition when the oil changes color this is a visual reference when to change the oil.

New units have electronics that older units lack.

Newer units have electronic counters on them.  They automatically tell the user when it is time to change the oil.  But many of the older units still in use require the operators to check the oil and be mindful of how many cycles the pump has run. Below is a video on exactly how to change the oil.  A very simple and quick thing to do but vitally important for your vacuum sealer.

Where to get supplies?

At VacUpack we carry the correct oil for all vacuum sealers in stock at all times. You can purchase just one oil change if you use your vacuum packer for limited use. Or we have gallons available for those who seal bags commercially on a daily basis.




The unit shown is a Sammic 204T found here. Sammic 204T

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Healthy Food
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Expiry dates, Best before dates, Food safety

Expiry, best before dates, food safety, wasting food      Vacuum sealing food, whether fresh or cooked, prolongs its shelf life, keeps food in a better condition, saves storage space, prevents freezer burn and eventually saves money. These are valuable points that cannot be repeated often enough, but how about food safety? Every once and a while the ‘best before’ issue pops up again somewhere, the knowledge, or right information as you like, that .

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Food safety and Vacuum Sealing

Food safety and Vacuum Sealing
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The Doom Boom… The Modern Day Apocalypse
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Cleaning up, the aftermath……….

Cleaning up, the aftermath……….
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Vacuum Sealing FAQs

Article by: Melissa Rudy from Words by Melissa Vacuum sealing, or vacuum packing, is a highly beneficial food storage method that lets you store more food for longer periods of time, using less space. If you’re new to vacuum sealing, or if you’d like more information about how this food storage method works, here are some frequently asked questions and common myths about vacuum sealing. How does vacuum sealing work? Vacuum sealing appliances remove .

New Year's Celebrations

CHEFTALK     New Year’s Celebrations       Wikipedia tells me that in North America New Year’s Eve is celebrated with formal parties, family oriented activities (sounds like a game of Monopoly) and other large public events.   I am not too familiar with this, but believe that this is the case. One of the most prominent celebrations seems to be the ball drop at Times Square. I have never seen it, but .

The Tradition of Christmas Pudding

CHEFTALK       The tradition of Christmas Pudding     Christmas pudding is the traditional end to a delightful Christmas dinner, but Christmas pudding has not always been what it is nowadays.   Racing towards Christmas, our pace is reaching the gallop motion to get all the preparations done, shopping, wrapping presents, preparing Christmas dinner and all that, let’s take a quiet moment for this historical story.   History   Christmas pudding originated .

Did You Think About Christmas Already? Part 6

  CHEFTALK     Christmas preparations, last episode 2014       While planning a snack styled menu, you may like to think about a completely different presentation.   If you happen to come across a long piece of wood, something like a piece of rough driftwood that at first does not catch the eye, this could just be what you need.   Let’s say your wood is 5ft long and something like 1ft .

Vacuum Sealing Tips for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Article written by: Melissa Rudy of Words by Melissa Thanksgiving is a time for family, celebration…and food. Lots and lots of food. Even though Thanksgiving is just one day, you might spend weeks ahead of time preparing for that big meal—and weeks after with a fridge full of leftovers that often spoil before you can eat them. This year, you can use vacuum sealing to simplify your life for the Thanksgiving holiday. Vacuum packing .

Did You think about Christmas already, part 5

CHEFTALK     Christmas preparations part 5    In my earlier post I promised to give you some cold snack ideas, I have changed my mind a little, because this is the one before last of the series, instead I will give you some ideas for an alternative Christmas dinner. After all Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, we come together, go to late night mass, sing carols and we eat, .
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